Summer in London: BAM! Get Out & About

Summer in London:
BAM! Get Out & About

London has one of the most diverse and exciting art scenes in the world. Alongside New York, this is the capital of the 21st-century art world. In 2016, thanks almost exclusively to this vibrant and exciting city, the UK accounted for 21% of global art sales. As global sales amount to around US$56bn, this is certainly not a periphery industry!

Alongside the city’s museums, high end galleries, seasoned dealers and critics there are endless exhibitions, solo shows, and numerous seasonal fairs exhibiting a wide range of artwork and very often providing an opportunity for art lovers to meet and engage with the artists – which is always a bonus!

Eager to be a part of this cool scene, BAM!’s ambassadors have been out and about eager to meet with all the talent of established artists as well as the new, young and emerging. Whilst there’s still plenty more to come, here’s a round up of what we’ve been up to so far:-

Reading Art Festival

First off we headed to Reading where Art lovers and Artists could meet face to face, to browse, talk, admire and hopefully buy. Now a regular feature in Contemporary Art Fairs Calendar, – Reading was set up in 2010 and is now a prominent national arts event. Bringing together over 160 artists, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, ceramicists and selected galleries from the UK and Europe, they offer the very best in contemporary art.

With artwork on offer from £40 to £4,000 there was something for everyone and the accompanying workshops, demonstrations and wine tasting made it a full, fun art filled day.

As BAM! is all about community building and establishing mutually supportive relationships, the highlight of our day was seeing some of our very own BAM! artists in action, happily exhibiting their amazing artworks and engaging with the hundreds of visitors who had flocked to see them.

Pabeo Mixed Media Event

Our Brand Ambassadors were delighted to attend the opening night of the Pebeo Mixed Media Exhibition at The Menier Gallery. This competition attracted over 460 entrants from across the country and here we were privileged to see the work of the final selected 72. We also got to chat to the winner @cindylesman @suzonlagarde and @markzalton – hope to see your work on BAM! soon guys!

Parallax Art Fair

Billed as the most popular Art Fair of it’s kind in London, and now we know why! With over 200 independent exhibitors from around the world this was a non stop journey of discovery; an event for everyone with no barriers or expectations about how much you know about art. All the artists were happy to answer our ‘amateur’ questions and indeed the whole ethos of Parallax is to promote an egalitarian approach to art offering mutual encouragement to new and emerging artists as well as continuing support for those more established.

Great to see our very own BAM! Artist Yulia Lisle exhibiting – and, not suprisingly everyone one of her beautiful paintings sold. You can see more of Yulia’s work on BAM! but you’ll need to act fast!

The Glam Rock Years

Stewart Dalzell has been an enthusiastic supporter of BAM! since we launched last year, so of course we were delighted to reciprocate by popping along to the opening night of his  new Ziggy Stardust exhibition of paintings at London’s Clerkenwell Gallery. The show, entitled “Icons – The Glam Rock Years” featured seven, large scale paintings all inspired by classic 1970’s glam rock albums – an era Stewart is passionate about. Fusing the painting styles of Picasso, bacon and De Kooning with his love of music, Stewart has created a visual ‘Greatist Hits’ of his favourite era in rock ‘n’ roll.

A big thank you to Stuart for allowing us to position a couple of BAM! triggers so visitors to the exhibition could try out BAM!’s augmented reality feature – great fun was had by all!

All of Stuarts work can be viewed on BAM!

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