Are you Ready to Sell your Artwork on BAM!?

Are you Ready to Sell your Artwork Online?

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If you’re reading this, then you are either already selling your Artwork online or considering doing so – either way, it’s a great decision!

Online shopping has become a part of our everyday lives, with people becoming increasingly happy to buy more – and spend more – at the click of a button. Currently online Art sales make up just 1.6% of total global sales, but this is set to change. Here are our “Top Tips” to help you make the most of what is destined to become a booming market.

It’s All About You

Artists tend to think sales are all about their Artwork, and whilst this is of course true, you also play a big part. We are all curious creatures and buyers want to know about you and your life. Use the “About Me” to share a little about your life and if you are comfortable doing so, tell us about your own personal journey.

Write about yourself and your Art in the first person. Why are you an Artist? How do you use art as a form of expression? What’s your perspective? What do you want your Art to communicate?
Being able to answer questions like these in a conversational way allows customers to get to know you and people who feel some connection to an Artist are more likely to buy than those who don’t.

Community Building

We believe the best way to attract Buyers and Artists to BAM! is by cultivating a fun and exciting community. Please help us to do this by staying in touch. We want to promote your career and both our website and App are geared up to tell the world all about you.
On the App, BAM! Life is available for you to upload information about any exhibitions or events you are part of and on the website we have blog posts so if you have a story to share, we’d love to tell it. Email to find out more.

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Disclaimer. All images used are for illustration purposes.

Images are Key

With thousands of customers around the world waiting to view your work, how you present your Artwork is crucial. A bad image will not represent your work fairly and will be much harder to sell.

As a visual medium, buyers are concerned that what they see online isn’t necessarily what they will receive in the post. The possibility that the Art they buy may not meet expectations when they come to see it up close can be a barrier to online sales.

However, BAM!’s built in Augmented Reality (AR) technology is set to overcome this and with advancing technology will transform the online Art market so that buyer’s expectations are not only met, but even exceeded. At the touch of an icon, buyers can see what Artwork will look like on any wall in real time, with exact sizes and dimensions – a ‘try before you buy’ effect.

A great image of your artwork will capture the attention of customers and the better the quality, the better AR will work, allowing buyers to get up really close and have a realistic sense of the surface, brushwork and textures in your work.

Whilst iPhoto’s work just fine, for best results we recommend uploading images as PNG or JPG. Also:

Glass/ Framed

Photograph your artwork on a bright, but slightly cloudy, day. This ensures accurate colour reproduction without too much glare from the sun;


Angle your camera so that it’s about 30 degrees above the surface of your artwork. This helps to capture texture – whether it’s a rich, dense oil painting or a delicate piece on silk; and

Glass/ Framed

Glass is such a tricky thing to work with: if your artwork is framed, it may be best to take the glass out of the frame when photographing to avoid any glare.

If you have any difficulties uploading your images, email and we will gladly assist.

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Vary your Gallery

We know how busy you all are but we would suggest switching your gallery around and updating it at least every three months. Online buyers rely on your Artwork information being up-to-date and accurate so please take the time to manage your platform just as you would in a high street gallery. Removing sold works and adding fresh ones adds a sense of anticipation and will keep followers checking back to see what’s new. And don’t forget to use the “About Box” to tell us the story behind each piece of work.

Know Your Price Point

We are often asked what artists should sell their work for but unfortunately we cannot advise on this. Only you know what your time and talent is worth, but what we can tell you is not to undersell yourself! If you under price your work, the purchaser will value it accordingly. If they pay $25 it may be casually discarded, whereas if they pay $250 it will be treasured forever or vice versa!

But, bear in mind that when selling online, our industry data tells us that $5,000 is usually the high-end of what buyers are willing to pay when buying artwork online, (at present).

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The Power of Social Media

Social media may not be the best place to sell your work but it is certainly a great way to raise awareness about it and is a fast and effective means to ‘network’ and build a following. Enterprising Artists are regularly attracting hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of followers. Those who do it best post regularly, maintain consistent and engaging narratives, provide insight not only into their Art but also into their lives and adventures as Artists, and are good about interacting with their fans.

This allows customers to see you as a real person which engenders trust. Instagram and Facebook are perfect for quickly sharing photo updates and progress shots of your work and by adding in a link that takes viewers directly to the BAM! App they will be able to see more of your work– and most importantly, buy it! Remember, it is really important to let people know that your Art is for sale – repeatedly!






Do you know how to pack your paintings for shipping? Packing paintings can seem like a daunting task and many artists worry about whether they’re packing them correctly and it’s certainly true that much damage can be avoided by packing artwork properly. There are many video tutorials available on YouTube to provide you with handy tips and expert guidance on this so please, if you are unsure, take some time to watch a few of them.

Have you found this post useful?

Put simply we are saying that selling your artwork calls for an entirely different skill-set than creating it and for most artists, the creative side comes much more naturally! BAM! is designed to make the business of selling a whole lot easier, leaving you to get on with what you do best – creating amazing Artwork for the rest of us to sit back and enjoy! Take our advice and it won’t be long before buyers start to respond. We are confident that there is an audience out there for each and every one of you.
Just keep working hard and believe in yourself.

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