BAM! is all about mutual support and building a community with our artists and Winnie and Kos Cos have played a huge part in helping us develop these special relationships. Unfamiliar with Hong Kong, Caroline was lucky enough to enlist the help of graduating students and our BAM! artists to guide her around this vibrant and exciting city. 

If you’re reading this, then you are either already selling your Artwork online or considering doing so – either way, it’s a great decision! Here are our “Top Tips” to help you make the most of what is destined to become a booming market.

BAM! is actively looking to find real-world applications for Blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and Blockchain is fast emerging as the technology expected to have the most significant impact on online sales. As more Art sales move online, there will be increasing demand for Certificates of Authenticity as well as the need to perform real-time verification of provenance. 

This ground-breaking technology will allow buyers to “try out” hundreds of paintings at just the touch of the button, allowing them to open-up a global market to their clients.

In May 2016 a conversation began amongst a group of Art lovers; how could they genuinely support artists, help them to sell their artwork around the world and forge sustainable careers? And so BAM! was born and the development process began.

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