BAM! Launches in Singapore!

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In May 2016 a conversation began amongst a group of Art lovers; how could they genuinely support artists, help them to sell their artwork around the world and forge sustainable careers? And so BAM! was born and the development process began.

Eighteen crazy months later and thanks to the faith and support of over 350 artists, on November 29th BAM! officially launched to wide acclaim in Singapore.
Every BAM! artist was featured within the exhibition and we even had a few of you there showcasing some of the Artwork and Jewellery available on the App. We had a great time using the amazing Augmented Reality to show our guests what artwork looks like on real walls – safe to say everyone was blown away by this cutting-edge technology!
Further launch events are planned for the UK and the USA in 2018 so we hope you can join us!

Have you tried the BAM! Augmented Reality Yet?

This is seriously good fun – and just a bit addictive! What could be better than customers being able to see what your artwork would actually look like in their homes or office?

AR even allows you to get up close and see texture and brushwork – it should actually be called Amazing Reality! To try it for yourself, download the Trigger at

Attach it to any wall and you’re all set. It won’t be long before a physical trigger isn’t necessary – we’re just waiting for the technology to catch up with us!


You may have already spotted this on the App. It’s for you! Although still under development to make it more relevant, you are welcome to use BAM!Life now to publicise your own events and exhibitions. Going forward it will include stories of interest, blogs, interviews and even serve as a platform through which you can sell tickets to events. All ideas are welcome so shout out if there is something we’ve missed

Getting Ready to Sell

With the App looking in great shape, we will shift focus to start talking with big organisations; show them what a great tool BAM! is when it comes to interior décor. No traipsing around shops or galleries – using the BAM! AR, life will become transformed for these organisations. They’ll have their premises decorated with artwork in no time at all. There is lots going on and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


In the meantime, as our implementation with DHL is now complete, you may want to just check your artwork dimensions. Are they correct? Accurate dimensions will ensure the correct delivery charges are applied – and of course ensure the AR projects a true image of your work.

BAM! Home to Great Talent

Congratulations to Jensen Moreno who has just received her first International Art Award together with 20 other brilliant and deserving artists awardees at the recently held WCA Launch and Awards Night in the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

If you’d like to share your triumphs or indeed someone else’s, we’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks for all the feedback we have received over the last 6 months. It really helps us stay on track and ensures we are developing an App that works for you. So, in direct response to your observations, we will soon start to categorise the BAM! artists into Master, Professional, Emerging and Exceptional talent.

We will be using the information you have provided in your bios to kick-start this process so if you haven’t yet added any, or want to include a bit more detail, now would be a great time to do it.

Stop Press: Receiving your Payment

When your artwork sells, a customer has 14 days in which to return it. After this period has expired we will pay you by either PayPal or bank transfer, less the 7% service charge.

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