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About BAM! 

We are a mobile and online market place for buying and selling art pieces from all over the world. Born out of a desire to support and promote Global Art Entrepreneurs, our sole objective is to provide a forum that truly supports both the artist and the buyer. With no expensive gallery fees to pay, artwork can be valued fairly and realistically, making it accessible and affordable to a much wider audience.

In just a few simple steps, artists can upload their work and start connecting with art lovers right around the world.

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Jewellery Design and Management International School
Mouth & Foot Painting Artists Pte Ltd
Visual Arts Centre
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“Thank you for your invitation, I’ve registered as an Artist. I will upload my latest artwork in the following weeks. Looking forward to work with you guys.”

Hsin Lin
Demonstrator, Artist, Australia
“It was also uplifting to learn about the vision and values driving the work at BAM!, the empowerment it gives to the artists and the desire to form meaningful community and connection through art. I’m be more than happy to help BAM! in anyway, and be really excited to play a part in your adventurous journey.!”

Winnie Wong
Artist, Hong Kong
“It is simple and easy to use. I must say BAM! seems to be the artists dream so far!”

Julia Everett Art
Comtemporary Artist, London